how to prepare for photography exams?


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When applying for photography as a collage course, there’s a few things to keep in mind. As with any creative field, you’ll be asked to do a talent exam. What that means is that the collage which you’re applying to will want you do prove them, that you have a creative thinking. Most collages will ask you to show them your portfolio, in which you have to show different types of pictures. You can’t show just pictures of nature, architecture, or portraits. You need to show that you have variety of interests.
The next part of the talent exams will be drawing. I know what must of you must be thinking to your self right now “drawing, but I didn’t apply to be a painter”. Drawing it’s important because it trains your eye to focus on shapes of objects, and most importantly on light and shades. Realising how light works, it’s one of the curtail parts of photography.



How to prepare for photography exams?photography-pictures-4

If you want to be photographer, you should be already taking pictures of things around you all the time, so building portfolio should not be a problem. If you don’t do it though, you should get started as soon as possible, it takes time to build the perfect portfolio.

With drawing it is little bit harder. Many future photographers who aren’t great painters have to t

ake intensive drawing course. You can find these courses at any art collage of university. It’s usually twice a week. You will learn a great deal on how to draw properly, so you will pass the exams with flying colour and you become a photographer.

In conclusion, if you really enjoy photography, you’ll find the exams very easy, you’ll just be talking and doing things that you enjoy.

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